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Uncapped Internet Encourages Online Backups!

With the recent release of Gmail's Uncapped ADSL Offerings (as well as those offered by other ISPs), affordability is now definitely in the cards. With an Uncapped ADSL account from as little as R199pm, online backups in South Africa are now more attractive than ever!

Bandwidth has always been a 'bone of contention' when it comes to online/offsite backups. However that 'bone' has finally been buried - just one less 'Con' and another 'Pro' for offsite backup.

Users of our online backup service will be able to save money when it comes to setup fees, since with an Uncapped ADSL line they can upload their initial data backups directly to our servers rather than relying on a technician to upload it to our data centres for them.

A viable option for larger companies is now to install a secondary Uncapped ADSL line dedicated to online backups, while their primary ADSL line is used for web browsing, email, and other activities.

Click on this link to find out more about Gmail's Uncapped ADSL Offerings. -

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