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File Selection

What is File Selection

File Selection is the process of choosing which files (or data) you would like to back up on your scheduled backup run.

Selecting specific files is important as not all of the files on your computer or server are relevant to be backed up. You may only want to back up word documents, database files, text based files,images, PDF's, emails,contacts and other specific data that is in direct relation to your business or of great importance to you.

The more data you select to back up, the more processing power and storage you will need.

How to Select Files

The initial file selection is a manual process where you determine which files and / or folders are important to you. This is an important factor as the amount of data selected will affect the amount you or your company will need to budget for on a monthly basis. Files will be compressed as far as possible and encrypted before leaving your computer or server.

The first time you open the Gbackup WebConsole on your local machine you will land on the Schedule Selection Page, here you will be able to select folders as well as files and exclude files. Map Network Drives can also be backed up, however this is not recommended.

Advanced Selection

Using the Files/Folder Filter button you can include or exclude file types of your choice within folders or for the entire backup set.

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