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Gbackup Replication Applications

The Replication Solution works in a very similar way to the Cloud Solution. The backup, compression and encryption is still done locally, the backup data is then sent over the internet connectionbut this time the data resides on our server platform in our head office rather than in the cloud. This reduces the cost of data centre bandwidth and the use of expensive storage devices. This is however not our premium service as there is no redundancy or failover. This is simply a cost effective solution to store your encrypted data offsite away from harm and other immediate hazards in your office.

Gbackup Replication Applications

This is a far more affordable solution however it does not match the safety, redundancy and reliability that a data centre (Cloud Solution) provides.

Gbackup Replication Applications

Gbackup software is installed on the client appliance/machine (Server or PC).
The files are then sent via the local connectivity (DSL or wireless) to a local data office where they are stored in a secure but non-redundant environment.
These files are accessible to the customer on a 24/7 basis from anywhere around the world through a client portal.

Gbackup Replication Applications

Software licensing (For Computer/s or Server/s)

  • Any database requirement will be an add-on (see pricelist) Storage
  • Ensure that the correct storage amount is allocated to the license.
  • When estimating how much storage to allocate to a customer, generally the 50% compression ratio works well.
  • NB This however is not always the case, depending of file types and compression.
  • Please remember to leave space for future growth. E.g. Should the client have 10Gb’s of raw data, we would quote on about 6Gb of compressed storage space to allow for future growth. Also remember that the retention policy will also dramatically affect the storage space required.

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