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Restorations can be done through the application or over the web, through a secure login.

If files are too large and a full restoration is required, the encrypted data can be put onto a an external media and shipped to a physical address within South Africa.

Easy Web Interface:

Web access is simple and efficient through the Gbackup web portal. Login from anywhere in the world and restore a file, a folder or your entire data set. Why wait for a technician to bring your data to you.

Web Restoration can be accessed from:

Application Restore:

If you wish to access the file or folder to restore directly from your PC, simply ensure that the Gbackup application is installed on the local system and ensure that you have your username and password. NB – Without your username and password you cannot restore your data as the password acts as the encryption key. Gbackup do not maintain passwords for security reasons.

Restoring data is no extra charge from Gbackup (unless you require an external media to be shipped), however please note that this will use bandwidth and may affect your ISP billing if you use a capped internet solution.

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